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Len's commitment

New leadership ready to take action and deliver results for our Sun Peaks Resort community

When I first considered running for Sun Peaks council, I told myself that I would not be one of those politicians making campaign promises they would be unable to deliver. The strength of our community comes from the sum of all of its parts and we have crafted a clear and important community led vision. I truly believe this vision can be our future. 

My 35 years in municipal government were dedicated to making visions a reality through practical, thoughtful, and timely action. 

My commitment to the Sun Peaks community is to work diligently to ensure that we are positioned to take advantage of every unique opportunity that helps achieve our vision by:

  1. engaging the community;

  2. creating collaborative partnerships;

  3. exploring creative non-traditional approaches to solve challenges; and

  4. balancing taxation, user fees, and development contributions. 


I will uphold the OCP guiding principles that were crafted with community input and ensure that we have:

  1. a healthy and vibrant business sector;

  2. residential neighbourhoods that help make our community something more than just a resort;

  3. visitors that help maintain a strong resort foundation;

  4. a development sector that is poised to continue to invest in the community; and 

  5. strong partnerships with First Nations and other levels of Government.


My years of leadership in local government give me a strong foundation to help council ensure that our community is on a path to success.



“Our Vision for Sun Peaks is to create a four-season resort community for everyone.”


“In 2035 Sun Peaks is...A thriving full-service resort community that is home to more than 2,100 permanent residents, whom live at Sun Peaks year-round. With scenic vistas, abundant recreational opportunities, and all the public amenities enjoyed by other small communities, Sun Peaks offers a quality of life that is hard to beat. The resort offers meaningful employment, high quality educational opportunities and a full range of stimulating lifestyle activities and recreation.

Residents enjoy the positive energy and unique vibe that comes with living in a planned resort community that attracts visitors from around the world. Known as a four-season resort community for everyone, Sun Peaks enjoys a strong tourism profile throughout the entire year as visitors come to participate in a wide range of recreational, sporting and cultural events. Sun Peaks is known as a thriving community, with safe roads, with a full range of accommodations including affordable non-market employee accommodations, great shopping and restaurants, and easy access to Kamloops and other nearby communities.


Due to its business-friendly policies and sound infrastructure, Sun Peaks continues to prosper as a hub of economic activity within the region. Strong relationships with First Nations, the business community, and other community partners have led to a diversified local economy creating many employment opportunities for local and neighbouring residents.


Built within a pristine natural environment, Sun Peaks takes great care to protect and preserve its natural assets including water, air, land, and wildlife. Proactive and collaborative approaches to planning and development have created a beautiful, safe, and walkable community that will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for decades to come.”


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